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EDIT: Glacidea has seen this post and responded here so hopefully everything gets sorted out soon

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Nov 9

Fennekin TCG Promo Figure and Card

I fell in love with this figure the moment someone posted a picture online. I love how detailed it is for a promo figure and adore how Fennekin is raised up on a little cliff. It gives the figure a more sculptural feel than those of Chespin and Froakie. I wish they had also gotten more detailed bases, Froakie’s lily pad and rippling water is a lovely touch, but it’s just not as dramatic as Fennekin’s cliff with little flames on it.

Nov 8

Custom Jolteon Pokedoll Figure by atlantia_rai on LJ

I just shared this little guy on a post I made in pkmncollectors and thought I should add him here too! He’s in the Jolteon collection update I made a while ago, but I never shared detailed shots.

Fennekin and Froakie Pokemon with You pins.

These pins come out every so often with different Pokemon on them and raise money to help with the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Whenever you buy a Pokemon with You product, money from the sale goes to help with the relief effort and rebuilding of the region. There were a lot of X and Y ones released recently. You can find them here.

(Stock picture isn’t mine, but I wanted to show all the pins available.)

Coin from Japanese Pokemon Center

In Japan, the Pokemon Centers have machines that will press an image you choose onto a coin. This is one of the new X and Y designs with all three starters. I got it as an extra in a recent package!

Pokemon Time Ampharos Tin and Mug

Here’s the mug too! It has a nice weight to it and really lovely colors. It’s a slightly smaller cup than I see in a lot of American cabinets, but it would be nice for tea or something. (I don’t plan on using mine.) The Pokemon Time logo is on the inside, and there’s a second Ampharos design on the back. The last picture has a couple Ampharos Kids for size comparison.

They also made mug and tin sets for Gardevoir and Deoxys. All three sets can be found here.

Ampharos Pokemon Time Tin And Mug (Mug in next post.)

I took so many pictures of this thing that I thought I should break it up into two posts. This tin has a really cute Ampharos cup in it, but just LOOK at the tin itself. It has little Amphys all around it with colorful lights and stars. The mini Amphys have three designs. Then, there’s a big Ampharos on the lid with the Pokemon Time logo.

They also made Gardevoir and Deoxys. All three can be found for sale here.

Oct 9

Mismagius Pokedoll

Mismagius is one of my absolute favorite Pokedolls! It’s just so detailed and perfect. One night, I had been telling a fellow collecting friend how much I wanted one. That morning at probably 4am, she texted me that there was one on Y!J. When I saw the text later that morning, I jumped on the auction site, found it, and put in a request with my deputy service. I managed to get it and, to this day, I feel so lucky!

Oct 8

Custom Jolteon Beanie by Folly Lolly

I saw this in a post on charikage’s tumblr and LOVED it. I went to Folly Lolly’s storenvy thinking every Eeveelution would be sold out, but Jolteon was one of the very few remaining. I immediately bought the cutie and love him so much. He’s so floppy and adorable. I would love to get the Sylveon when she restocks, but I don’t know if I’ll be that lucky twice! XD

Oct 7

Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL and Snubbull Pan Sticker

I wasn’t a big fan of this design, but my pink 3DS XL was on the fritz and I had my heart set on playing Pokemon this Saturday! I feel like this one weighs less than that one, so that’s definitely an unexpected plus! I really like the little starters on the back.